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Termite Control

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Your home is made of cellulose-based plant materials; therefore it’s a flocking area for termites. If you see one, there’s more and it’s vital to end the problem before it gets extremely severe. Termites will start in your yard but eventually they can flock to your furniture, books and other personal belongings and worst of all, your home’s foundation.

If you think you may have a termite problem on your hands, don’t hesitate to call our exterminators at American Pest Control. An experienced termite exterminator will arrive at your property to provide a free estimate for you!

termite exterminator Odessa, TX

The best residential and commercial termite exterminator & pest control company in the area.

Your home or residential property is very valuable and the last thing we want to do is see the termites win this battle. We will conduct the perfect termite treatment and rid your home of the nuisances.

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